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Podcast with Brett Savill - Smart Houses: Fad or Necessity?

16 Feb 2021

Quantify’s CEO Brett Savill joins Veronica Morgan and Chris Bates from The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast to talk all things smart homes, is it a fad or a necessity?

Veronica Morgan, real estate agent, buyers agent and co-host of Foxtel’s Location Location Location Australia and Chris Bates, mortgage broker have joined forces to find out what’s really going on in the world of property.

The Elephant In The Room Property Podcasts have been created to help us all make better property decisions.

Brett discusses the current state of smart houses, the future of housing across the globe and how technology companies like Quantify Technology play into this.

Here’s what’s covered in the podcast:
• Why has it taken so long for smart houses to get where it is now?

• Out of all of the products which are best suited for home automation?

• What should a homeowner expect to pay for a smart house?

• Does fitting a house with smart technology increase it’s value?

• What are the benefits of fitting a house with smart technology

• How do big international players like Google and Amazon fit in this picture?

• Cyber-security is a major issue, how will your data be used?

• How should homeowners think about data communication?

• Is it expensive to set up and install?

Listen to the Podcast below:

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