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qDevices Work Best With

Access Points

Manufacturer Model qDevices supported Notes
TP-Link Archer C20 Max: 20
TP-Link TL-WA801ND Max: 12

LED light

Manufacturer LED Wattage Dimming Neutral Wire Notes
Atom AT924/ES/WW 9.8W Trailing Required Field notes only
Pierlite LiteLUX DLPL353K 11W Trailing/Leading Required
Pierlite DLP63/4/65FWG2 7W Leading Required Field notes only
Premium Lighting Ruby Downlight SK831-B-08250 10 Trailing Optional Ripple tolerant
Robus Taylor LED, RC9WDLCCT3-01 9W Trailing/Leading Optional Ripple tolerant
SAL LGS14/830E27D 14W Trailing Optional
Starwell PE296B, Fiam FDC357 15W Trailing/Leading Optional Ripple tolerant

4G Routers

Manufacturer Model qDevices supported Notes
Telstra Telstra 4GX Wi-Fi Plus Max: 10

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