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Smart speakers the talk of the town

14 May 2019

Over a quarter of Australian households will be using smart speakers by the end of 2019, up from 16% last year, according to new research.

That’s 2.5 million homes with smart speakers in their homes by the end of this year.

This rapid adoption of smart speakers is said to be the leading cause of a fast-growing market for connected home devices in Australia, with over 50% – or more than 5 million – of Australian homes having internet-connected devices.

Telsyte’s 2019 IoT@Home Market Study found smart speakers are frequently used for playing music and receiving updates on the weather and news. However, 25% of people want to use their devices to control smart connected devices and home automation.

Only 25%… why isn’t that figure higher? Well, the issue is, home automation is often complex and costly for homeowners, so it’s easier to avoid it.

What if there was a truly simple solution out there?

Our mission at Quantify is to eradicate the complexity of home automation with a truly intelligent and simple solution.

Switches, dimmers and controllers can be operated locally by touch, app or voice command via Amazon Alexa. What’s brilliant is the system is future-proof and user-upgradeable – meaning the technology can adapt effortlessly with the changing needs or desires of its users, without the need for electricians or specialists.

Better yet, our system is designed to suit more than just the homeowner. It’s for the electrician, builder and architect too.

For electricians, it’s simple to plan and install with templated configurations, which can be quickly rolled out to one dwelling or thousands. It uses standard AC wiring and wall boxes with no custom cabling required, making it suitable for a new build or retrofit.

Builders have it easy. Quantify’s cloud-based platform has limitless scalability, which saves time across every stage of planning, installation and configuration. This also saves builders and developers money on electricians and planners.

Architects need something aesthetically sophisticated. High quality glass touch panels come with a choice of colour and trim rings to complement new or existing interiors. The bonus? The fascias and trim rings can be swapped to different colours to suit changes made over time.

Google over Amazon

Telsyte’s research also identified the strong market share Google has in Australia’s smart home market with 72%. Google is beating Amazon hands down, which is different from the global trends. So, it begs the question, when is Quantify going to get on the Google bandwagon?

Quantify’s CEO Brett Savill said it straight:

“We work with Amazon now and will work with Google later on this year.”

For now, it’s pleasing to know we’re in the right place, with the smart speaker market continuing to grow every second.





Australian Financial Review

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