Update on Lindfield Project - Amazon Alexa voice-controlled home automation and energy management being commercially delivered

On 2 March 2018 , Quantify Technology announced that it's flagship product - the Q Device - has been installed in Lindfield Apartments on Sydney's Upper North Shore and is currently being configured.  Here are the highlights of that ASX announcement:

  • Quantify Technology to deliver Alexa voice-controlled home automation and energy management in the construction project.

  • Installation of Quantify Technology’s platform is complete and configuration is in progress at Lindfield Appartments.

  • This technology will change the face of residential and commercial development. Quantify Technology will set the standard for commercial developments across Australia.

Quantify Technology will provide purchasers of the Lindfield Apartments with Amazon Echo Dot hardware and the Company’s Qumulus Skill for Alexa to enable voice control of the installed solution. The integrated solution will allow purchasers to enjoy a feature rich experience without the reliance on “control by application”.

By eliminating the reliance on applications and software for interaction with technology, the Company is offering purchasers “homes of the future” - apartment residents will be able to interact with their home automation system and other compatible devices using natural language, conversational commands.

“With natural language control,” Managing Director Mark Lapins said, “we’re able to deliver residents a truly unique living experience.”

This combination of technologies in a commercial project is a game changer and provides a model for future projects and commercial developments as Quantify Technology continues to build a pipeline of large-scale opportunities.

Tony Sclavos, founder and electrician of Cambridge Electrical Services (‘CES’), agrees. “Quantify Technology provided a feature rich solution that delivers all of the functionality we could need currently as well as in the future thanks to their modular design, without the complexity and cost of traditional systems we would have used previously.” CES has over 35 years of industry experience and has installed over 40 large-scale apartment developments in Sydney, including the installation of Q Device at Lindfield Apartments.

“What sets this project apart, are the capabilities our technology can offer the future residents at Lindfield,” Lapins added. “Combining our platform with a world-class voice solution like Alexa paves the way for us to raise the bar on residential and commercial development projects from here on out.”

A video presentation showing the power of this voice integration is currently under production - stay tuned.

In the meantime,  please feel free to share comments and feedback below.

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