High Profile Director Aidan Montague Joins Quantify Team

Posted June 1, 2016 in Team

Quantify Technology today welcomes Mr Aidan Montague as an Executive Director of our team, moving from his previous position on the Quantify Advisory Board. We welcome Mr Montague’s expertise in this new capacity ahead of the upcoming launch of our revolutionary Internet of Things platform.

This appointment allows Aidan to focus his global experience and extensive network on Quantify at a critical juncture for the company, with its upcoming product launch and pending listing on the ASX. His decision to move from his role on the Quantify Advisory Board to an Executive Director has been welcomed by Quantify Founder and Managing Director Mark Lapins who said today:

“Aidan and I have focused on building the foundations of a company with true global reach over the past two years in his time on our Advisory Board, and I am excited that he is now joining us in a formal capacity on our Board of Directors.”

Aidan is a Professional Engineer by qualification and a former Chartered Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia. He has more than 25 years in sales and marketing operations with a strong technology and Internet background. Aidan was instrumental in the establishment and growth of the Australian arm of the Internet/communications global giant, Cisco Systems. He has held various senior roles with Cisco internationally.

Aidan will remain in his position as Non-Executive Director on the Board of ASX-listed Panorama Synergy Limited until the end of June 2016. As previously announced, Panorama Synergy Limited has a partnership with Quantify for the supply of sensors for our Internet of Things solutions.