• Quantify Technology is pioneering technology to create Truly Intelligent Buildings and to enable the Internet of Things (IoT)

Truly Intelligent Buildings provide real-time evaluation of environmental and risk factors for its occupants as well as proactively manage services and utilities to ensure the highest levels of efficiency are achieved – for example, maximum energy efficiency. They are able to not only inform, but assist occupants whilst in the building and provide proactive management and real time intelligence, if required, when they are not.

The products Quantify Technology is creating have the potential to be the catalyst for change on a global scale and will allow the delivery of a vast range of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions as an integral part of a building. Quantify Technology are creating the tools and technologies to enable change on a global scale and packaging them in easy to use, simple to install devices at a price point to enable wide scale adoption. Only through the wide scale adoption of a true IoT technology such as Quantify Technology’s Truly Intelligent Building solution will the promise and potential of a connected life be achieved.

Quantify Technology’s patented Truly Intelligent Building solution captures the wall space to deliver advanced technology solutions without the need for major building modifications or rewiring of a building. Simple to install, the framework can be installed as part of a new construction project or retro-fitted into any existing building and provides a unified framework for the delivery of a multitude of technology solutions.

The modular nature of Quantify Technology’s framework allows for a wide ranging suite of products and solutions as well as protection for early adopters of our solution framework as IoT standards of communication emerge. Our connected, clever devices not only provide advanced services to enhance the life of consumers of our technology, they also create the framework for the deployment of other emerging technologies of the IoT.

All quantify technology products are able to communicate without the need for "communications hubs" or dedicated "gateway devices" which we see as a weakness in current emerging technologies.

Our unique approach removes the need for dedicated gateway devices or communications hubs and provides a seamless communications solution for all connected devices. The Quantify Technology Framework utilises standards based communications over a wide range of wired and wireless formats to ensure future interoperability and our core control and reporting API will be available for application developers and partner products.

Developed with input from various technology disciplines and with a focus on scalable network communications, our products will provide measurable improvements whatever the size or scale of implementation.