Next-generation Q Device expands potential market. More Australian projects secured

Production Development Phase of Fabric Extension Fascia

In mid- Q2 the Company demonstrated its Fabric Extension fascia proof of concept to several leading technology companies in the US. The proof was well received, and discussions are under way to form strategic partnerships that will allow third parties to develop integrations that will work seamlessly with Quantify Technology’s device.

Fabric Extension is achieved by incorporating the radio frequencies and languages that IoT devices speak into Quantify Technology’s Fabric Extension fascias. This allows other vendor IoT solutions to use the always powered, internet-connected hardware that is at the core of Quantify Technology’s platform. This eliminates the dedicated box for every vendor-gadget that is the standard.

In general, the Internet of Things (IoT) industry offers solutions reliant on gateways, servers, or cloud-dependent applications—often all three. Quantify Technology’s platform simplifies the process, offering a server-less and gateway-less solution.

In its current iteration, the IoT offers little beyond uncertainty and device-fatigue, with a dedicated gateway required for every product a consumer uses. As a result, the lack of unified solutions restricts scalability and adoption of new IoT offerings, as well as presents confusion and unnecessary complexity for consumers.

Quantify Technology’s Fabric Extension fascia allows third-party IoT devices to connect directly to the Company’s technology platform. This innovative and disruptive technology simplifies connectivity and integration of all devices in a home or building. This significantly increases the marketability, enabling Quantify Technology to partner with other IoT solution vendors and sensor manufacturers.

This platform will provide infrastructure for the burgeoning IoT market, and the Company is evaluating business models and engaging in discussion with various parties to assess opportunities for the monetisation of the platform.

With billions of new IoT devices to be released into the market in the coming years, this represents a significant market opportunity for Quantify Technology.

Quantify Technology is pleased to announce the Fabric Extension fascia has progressed to the production development phase.

Quantify Technology continues to be specified in Australian Projects

Quantify Technology’s Q Device continues to receive strong interest from customers and has most recently been included in the electrical specifications for projects in Western Australia and Queensland.

“The positive feedback we received after the US demonstration of the game-changing Fabric Extension fascia positions us as a driving force in the IoT landscape,” said Mark Lapins, Quantify Technology’s Founder and Managing Director.

“These recent developments also potentially increase Quantify Technology’s commercial partnership opportunities. Our technology continues to garner excitement, with our products and solutions being included in a range of projects throughout Australia as well as getting solid interest from overseas potential partners.”

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