Quantify Technology Holdings Limited (ABN 25 113 326 524) and its wholly owned subsidiaries  (Quantify Technology)

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Neville Bassett



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Corporate Governance

The Board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the Company and acknowledges, as a guiding principle, that it will at all times act ethically, honestly, and in accordance with the law, with a view to creating sustainable value for its shareholders.

The Board endorses the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (ASX Recommendations) as published by the ASX Corporate Governance Council and has adopted corporate governance charters and policies reflecting those ASX Recommendations, to the extent appropriate having regard to the size and circumstances of the Company.

Quantify Technology Holdings's corporate governance plan can be downloaded here:

Corporate Governance Plan
Appendix 4G
Corporate Governance Statement
Securities Trading Policy


Mark Lapins
Founder & Managing Director 
Aidan Montague
Executive Chairman 
Alex Paior.jpg
Alex Paior
Non-Executive Director 
Mark is a leading innovator in the field of IP Communications Technology and Solutions. He has extensive business acumen and experience in the sector, having spent almost twenty years providing solutions as well as successfully building up and selling two communications technology companies, one of which was acquired by global company Schneider Electric in 2008. A rare blend of entrepreneurship, business and engineering skills has allowed him to create and deliver a company that will engineer change on a global scale. Aidan is a Professional Engineer by qualification and a former Chartered Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia. He has more than 25 years in sales and marketing operations with a strong technology and internet background. Aidan was instrumental in the establishment and growth of the Australian arm of the internet / communications global giant, Cisco Systems. He has held various senior roles with Cisco internationally. Alex has been a Senior Commercial Partner and ManagingPartner of multiple major Australian law firms. Alex has also served on the board ofnumerous Australian Stock Exchange listed and private companies. Illustrating his considerable experience in the areas of corporate governance and risk management. Alex has extensive experience in international transactions, acting for major Australian companies in mergers and acquisitions in Europe and Asia.