Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Centre to showcase Quantify Technology

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Quantify Technology is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with the Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Centre (CIIC) to showcase and promote opportunities for the Company’s innovative technologies.

Through the agreement, the CIIC will work with Quantify to build a program of engagement around Quantify’s disruptive technologies, including the Q Device, with key stakeholders and target users, both in Australia and overseas.The objective of the collaboration is to demonstrate first-hand the potential of Quantify’s technology and its applications in Truly Intelligent Buildings to strategic customers.

CIIC is a leading industry and research collaboration centre at Curtin University, established by Cisco with foundation partners Curtin University and Woodside Energy Limited. Through its large network of domestic and international partners, the centre helps organisations improve business outcomes through the promotion of technology to target groups, which ultimately assists Quantify’s global growth strategy.

The CIIC has access to advanced facilities and a global industry network, and the agreement represents a valuable opportunity for Quantify to leverage this network. The benefits from this agreement are a valuable supplement to the Company’s existing sales efforts at a time when Quantify is receiving strong interest from the market and a growing commercial pipeline.

Quantify expects the CIIC collaboration will lead to the inclusion of its technology into other future building projects across Western Australia and beyond and aims to be included in the Greater Curtin Project, which is a 20-year infrastructure project to transform Curtin University’s campus into a vibrant urban centre with a greater variety of land uses for education, residential and business.

Construction of the $26 million first-stage of the Greater Curtin Project is expected to start later this year and will include a 1,400-student accommodation building, a “school of built environment” and a short-stay accommodation facility.

Through the agreement, Quantify’s technology is also intended to be demonstrated to other key prospects across the broader property management and development sector, including Woodside Properties Management.

The two parties will also undertake a “design sprint”, which will involve CIIC partners and other key parties exploring the future benefits and opportunities of Quantify’s technology beyond its current applications.

“As a first mover in the IoT market focusing on Truly Intelligent Buildings, we see enormous potential in partnering with the CIIC to showcase our technology and gain valuable exposure to Cisco’s, Curtin’s and Woodside’s global network. We believe this can lead to our solutions being used in major building projects across Australia and globally,” said Quantify’s Managing Director, Mark Lapins.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to engage with leading innovators and potential partners, to drive our vision of a scalable, simplified and robust Internet of Things and we look forward to providing further updates to the market as the relationship develops.”


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