Peter Osmond joins as advisor to accelerate entry into US market

Peter Osmond, Quantify Technology

We are excited to announce the appointment of Peter Osmond as a strategic advisor to accelerate our expansion into the US market.

Peter will advise us on our entry strategy into the US and spearhead negotiations with major players in the technology space. Peter is a significant addition to our team with over 20 years experience in the High-Tech industry spanning acquisition diligence, integration, divestiture planning, documentation, global team coordination and sales business development.

Peter began his career in Australia with Cisco Systems and transferred to Silicon Valley in 1997. He integrated over 55 companies acquired by Cisco Systems which led to Cisco's first IP Phone implementation disrupting the corporate phone market and leading to 30 Million IP phone sales by 2010.  

With Cisco China, Peter hosted senior Chinese Government delegations on US trade missions, leading to the sales bid for the Beijing Olympics network. He then returned to M&A to lead Cisco's entry into the Consumer Video market.

After leaving Cisco, Peter moved to McAfee where he overhauled the Acquisition Integration process.

In 2014 Peter joined Symantec as Director M&A Integration, where his most significant project was the successful $7 billion divestiture of Veritas Technologies – in the process creating over 8,000 jobs worldwide in sales and development.

“Peter’s immensely relevant experience and longstanding US connections in the technology industry will be invaluable to our entry into the US market and negotiating valued partnership and client agreements” Mark Lapins, Managing Director

“The IoT market in the US is expanding at a rapid rate. This market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 33.3% to reach US$661 billion by 2021 as the adoption of cloud platforms, development of cheaper and smarter sensors and evolution of high speed networking technologies drive growth. It is one of world’s largest and most important market for IoT and smart building innovations, and having someone with Peter’s experience and business networks will be a great benefit to us.”


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