Q Device Receives Industry Certification

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We are pleased to announce the achievement of a significant milestone on Quantify's commercialisation roadmap. Several key devices that make up the core infrastructure pieces of Quantify's Internet of Things platform have received Australian and New Zealand certification (AS/NZS CISPR 15 and AS/NZS 4268) from Compliance Engineering, Victoria. This marks further progress towards the delivery of hardware to large commercial and enterprise projects - with delivery of Q Devices to these projects planned to commence in the second half of 2017. 

We remain on track with our commercialisation and product delivery roadmap, and continue to receive strong interest in target markets both locally and internationally. Quantify's commercial sales team is focused on generating sales into new construction projects and major building refurbishments, in the commercial, large apartment block and enterprise space. Discussions also continue with systems integrators and channel partners looking to form strategic alliances for the accelerated growth of Quantify's delivery of our revolutionary technology platform.

Q Device light switch

The Q Device encompasses a range of products that form the foundation of Quantify's Internet of Things platform - allowing for the evolution of the Internet of Things in a simple and understandable way. Included within each device is autonomous compute power which allows the delivery of advanced applications without the dependency on “Cloud Computing” applications, local gateways or servers.

Switches and Routers power The Internet.
Quantify Technology provides the
“Switches” and “Routers” of the Internet of Things

Quantify Technology is positioned to provide key infrastructure requirements for the explosive growth of the Internet of Things - ensuring a simple, robust and secure platform for IoT solutions. The Internet today is driven by what are now familiar devices - Switches and Routers. These were created by foundational network infrastructure companies, such as Cisco Systems, Cabletron and Bay Networks - some of which grew to be global giants. Quantify Technology's intelligent devices provide the “Switches” and “Routers” of the future of the Internet of Things. Quantify aims to be one of the key infrastructure solutions to enable the future growth of the Internet of Things – providing a simpler more scalable architecture as the Internet of Things grows.

Q Device GPO

With an aggressive go to market strategy targeting wall real estate, Quantify provides retrofittable switches and power outlets that provide a world leading energy management solution for buildings. Also included are key services designed to provide real-time evaluation of environmental and risk factors for building occupants, as well as proactive management of services and utilities to ensure that the highest levels of efficiency are achieved and thereby create Truly Intelligent Buildings.

“The certification of the Q Device is a significant milestone for the company as we continue to progress our vision to become The Platform Of Choice for IoT solutions,” said Managing Director, Mark Lapins.


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