Quantify Technology take on IoT - High profile article on ZDNet

Today, a global leader in tech news - ZDNet - published a high profile article following an interview with Quantify Technology Managing Director, Mark Lapins:

"Perth-based Quantify takes on IoT and the ASX

Quantify Technology will be taking its Internet of Things technology to the Australian Securities Exchange early next year.
Asha McLean
By Asha McLean | December 21, 2016 -- 04:08 GMT (15:08 AEDT) | Topic: Innovation

Perth's Quantify Technology is developing technology to create intelligent buildings, with the same technology aiming to provide a foundation to enable the creation of secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Although Quantify is in the business of power points and light switches, founder and managing director Mark Lapins said there is more to his company than just that.
An example of an application that Quantify could be used for, Lapins explained, would be in a casino gaming floor to monitor the flow of people traffic to maximise the exposure of tables.

"Those that have got that solution need to have a box and that box needs to have a power supply, as well as the sensor. In our case -- well every table's got a powerpoint -- we just integrate their sensor into this and replace the power outlet," he said. "No one can turn it off, no one can take it away, it's all built in.""


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