About Quantify

Founded in 2015, Quantify Technology is an Australian-based pioneer of Truly Intelligent Buildings. Quantify’s products automate homes, offices and buildings and provide the building blocks to enable a future in the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) space.


Quantify’s products have the potential to be the catalyst for change on a global scale and will allow the delivery of a range of IoT solutions as an integral part of a building. Quantify have created easy to use, simple to install devices that save time and energy, at a price point that enables wide-scale adoption.


Our unique approach removes the need for dedicated gateway devices or communications hubs and provides a seamless communications solution for all connected devices. Quantify patented products make computing power a seamless part of every room in every building.


Our clever devices are designed to enhance the lives of its users, while suiting the needs and desires of electricians, architects, designers, builders and beyond.


Simple, innovative, limitless.

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