Natalee Bowen: Why I chose Quantify for my family home

Natalee Bowen is a West Australian interior designer, best known for her timeless designs, that couples the classic style of the Hamptons, with lush tropical aesthetics.

With over 20 years in the design industry, Natalee’s business, Indah Island, has been commissioned in Australia and internationally. She has been featured in magazines globally, across social media, newspapers and television programs and has an Instagram following of over 170K.

With multiple awards under her belt, Natalee can afford to be picky with her design choices. So why is Quantify her preferred smart home solution?

“I love Quantify because their devices adapt effortlessly to any interior design, including my easy, breezy, coastal Hamptons style.

Quantify’s solution simplifies the smart home experience for users, by making it easy to control, personalise and modify in the future. Not to mention it’s secure and affordable too. Quantify ticks all the boxes.”

“We chose to partner with Quantify because they provide an easy-to-install and easy-to-understand, customisable solution that looks exceptional.

For a long time, I had considered home automation to be too overwhelming and complex for me to recommend to clients. Quantify have something homeowners don’t need to be scared of.”

Natalee Bowen, Indah Island

Indah Island Farm Project

Natalee’s farmhouse renovation is located in the regional WA town of Wongamine, about 100km north east of Perth, near Toodyay.

What used to be a small house is now a large renovated home, complete with a pool, wrap-around porch and smart home solution.

The property, which boasts over 28ha of land, is owned by Natalee and her husband, Mark.

From the Indah Island blog:

“A few years back, we had the opportunity to purchase my husband’s 5th generation original homestead. His father was born there so there was always a huge amount of sentimentality with this property. We dreamed of restoring the home into its former glory so it was decided… We were to design and create a true Hampton’s style farmhouse, right here in Western Australia!”

What is “The Hamptons Style”?

The Hamptons style is inspired by the architecture and décor in the coastal communities along the eastern beaches of New York’s Long Island.

The bright and breezy style combines gorgeous blues and whites with textured linens, chrome accents, natural woods and plenty of natural daylight, to create a relaxed, coastal, resort-style feel in your home.

Having travelled and worked around the world, America holds a special place in Natalee’s heart.

“The Hamptons and Cape Cod-style of housing is so beautiful architecturally and the furnishings are divine,” says Natalee.

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