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Farmhouse project final reveal

30 Jan 2020
Indah Island farmhouse

Quantify visited Indah Island’s West Australian countryside renovation in Toodyay this week and we’re thrilled to show you a sneak peek of the almost* completed home.

It’s been around two months since our last visit to the home, so it was great to see the progress that had been made since November.

The home, designed and owned by award-winning interior designer and Quantify’s ambassador, Natalee Bowen, will be featured on 9Life’s TV show, Ready Set Reno this year. As you’ll note in the video below, the show’s camera and presentation crew were on-site to film the final reveal and interviews with Natalee and her husband/ business partner, Mark, when we paid our visit. It was great to get behind-the-scenes and see how it’s all done.

While there is no final air date for Ready Set Reno locked in yet, we have been told the show will go live in March or April. We will be sure to keep you informed about final dates when we know more.

Quantify’s smart home solution is fully installed and functional, with Natalee and her family already reaping the benefits. Not only do the qDevices fit the Hamptons style extraordinarily well, they have brought the farmhouse to life.

Check out the video below to see the latest update:


As shown in the video, the home is pretty much complete! Internally, there’s nothing left to do. There’s only a few more things to do externally with the landscaping before Natalee can say the home is completely finished.

It’s safe to say, as soon as you walk in the front door, the house feels like the Hamptons, however, it has an Aussie twist, given it’s location and dry surroundings.

There’s plenty of places to sit and relax - it is a great place for a getaway from the city, that’s for sure!

In case you missed it, the farmhouse was featured on Open Homes Australia earlier this month. You can see the segment HERE.

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