Platform Overview

The Quantify Truly Intelligent buildings platform is a fully networked computing framework that consists of smart, secure light control and power outlet devices, along with the qCloud. Its building blocks, the qDevices are embedded into the fabric of the building, they control and manage connected services and appliances.

Touch Panel

  • Touch & swipe gesture
  • Button state LED
  • Presence detection
  • Light automations
  • Haptic interaction
  • Acoustic feedback
  • Large touch buttons
  • User-upgradeable
platform overview

Control Unit

  • 3 Channel dimmer
  • Uses standard cabling
  • Fits standard wall box
  • Energy Monitoring

Feature Card

  • Secure networking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Local & remote control
  • User-upgradeable
  • Connects to Cloud
qPower top view

Works in any building, new or retrofit

qDevices are economical and easy to install into new developments, or retrofit into existing buildings, using standard AC cabling techniques and standard light switch or power outlet wall boxes and there is no need for a dedicated hub or gateway.

Simple and easy to plan, install, setup and configure

Whether for a single installation or a whole block of apartments, Quantify provides custom applications for planners and architects to efficiently plan installations and pre-configure qDevices to reflect electrical plans.

Expertly pre-designed Living Experience templates that support voice control and convenient scenes can easily be customised to design outstanding user experience.

For electricians and integrators, installing and setting up qDevices with the qCommission app is quick and easy, and requires no specialised skill or knowledge.

qPlanner and qCommission App

Living Experiences out of the box

  • Single or Group
  • Scenes
  • Automations
  • Group any lights and items connected to a qDevice to control them together.

  • A Scene can dim one bulb, change the colour of another, close a blind and turn off a switch at the same time with a single command.

  • Automations can automatically turn on lights and close the blinds, either when you arrive home or at a specific time of the day.


Extendable and Upgradeable

The future-proof edge computing qDevices are modular with upgradeable networking and user experience. The system is designed to be extensible and allow convergence of adjacent technologies into the platform.

The Quantify Truly Intelligent buildings platform is built to enterprise network security standards, providing limitless scalability and, after initial commissioning, the solution works with or without the qCloud management platform.

Platform Overview

Convenient Control - Touch Panel, App or Voice

Convenient Touch Panel control for young and old, featuring large illuminated buttons that work with advanced touch gestures. Effortlessly tap to control any connected light or appliance. Touch and hold to dim or simply swipe for a quick light.

You talk, your home responds. Our truly intelligent solution provides conversational voice interaction that’s so easy to use, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

And stay connected even when you’re not at home with the easy to use qLiving app, anytime and from anywhere.

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