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qDevices Work Best With

Access Points

Manufacturer Model qDevices supported Notes
Google Nest Wi-Fi Router Max: 15
Meraki Meraki MR33 Max: 15 Set SSID used for qDevices to bridge mode. Suitable for high density network installations.
Telstra Telstra Smart Modem Gen-2 with Voice Backup, DJA0231 Max: 15
TP-Link Archer C20 Max: 20
TP-Link TL-WA801ND Max: 12

4G Modem Routers

Manufacturer Model qDevices supported Notes
Alcatel Link Zone 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi Max: 15 No data LCD Panel
Telstra Telstra 4GX Wi-Fi Plus Max: 10 LCD panel that displays number of devices connected and other usage data

LED light

Manufacturer LED Wattage Dimming Notes
Atom AT924/ES/WW 9.8W Trailing Field notes only
Pierlite LiteLUX DLPL353K 11W Trailing/Leading
Pierlite DLP63/4/65FWG2 7W Leading Field notes only
Premium Lighting Ruby Downlight SK831-B-08250 10 Trailing Ripple tolerant
Robus Taylor LED, RC9WDLCCT3-01 9W Trailing/Leading Ripple tolerant
SAL LGS14/830E27D 14W Trailing
Starwell PE296B, Fiam FDC357 15W Trailing/Leading Ripple tolerant


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Ceiling Fans

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Heat Lamps

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Please note: Quantify makes every effort to work with as many third party lighting, ventilation, cooling, heating, shading and networking devices as possible. We have tested our qDevices with the products listed on this page which appear to work best. This list is subject to change and will be updated regularly.

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