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Top three interior design trends for 2020

8 Jan 2020

It’s a new year and a new decade, which means its time to say “hello” to fresh interior design trends. Here’s three trends to keep an eye out for in 2020.

1. Get excited because gone are the days of grey… black is back. Here’s why:

Black accents on white walls creates a contrasting, bold look
  • We’re trending towards being adventurous and unique with our colour schemes and black fits the bill nicely. It can create a modern, timeless, casual, dramatic or classic look, depending on how it’s used.
  • Combine it with the ever-versatile white and you’ve got a high contrast, fresh, bold palette that can work with any other colour. Picture; black and white with pops of green, blue or orange decor, for a statement.
  • PLUS, black and white are gender neutral, so you can’t go wrong there.

2. Personality will shine. Here’s why:

3. Timeless and future-proof designs will leave a lasting impression. Here’s why:

  • Homeowners are thinking long-term. It’s less about “fast furniture” and more about high-quality decor that can evolve with time.
  • Sustainability is key. People want to invest in ethically made and environmentally conscious furniture and decor. What’s going to last? What’s going to deliver energy savings? What’s made in a sustainable way?

With these three trends in mind, let’s take a look at how Quantify could fit in.

1. You can count on our black or white smart home products to work perfectly with any interior. They are versatile and adaptable, no matter the space:

Our white qDimmer is simple and subtle on a white wall.
  • GO BOLD: follow the 2020 trend and go with our black qDimmer or qPower. Against a white, coloured or patterned wall, you’re guaranteed to create a modern, contrasting and timeless look.
  • GO SIMPLE: our white qDimmer or qPower knows all interiors. When installed on a white wall, our white qDevices will softly blend into the interiors. However, when matched against a dark, colourful or patterned wall, our white qDevices add brightness, freshness and contrast.

2. Our smart home solution can help tell your story:

  • Our solution can adapt to suit you. Personalise scenes, such as “welcome home”, “goodbye”, “movie time”, “date night”, “reading time”, “cooking time”, “nap time”, the list goes on. Whatever you prefer, it’s up to you to pick what will suit your lifestyle and story.

3. We’ve got a future-proof, modular and patented design that you can rely on to evolve with time:

  • INTERIOR CHANGE: painting your wall a new colour? Or updating the look of your home? Swap the Touch Panel or trim ring on your qDevice to a new colour to match your interiors.
  • EVOLVING TECHNOLOGY: as technology advances with time, our solution will adapt. For example, if you move from WiFi to a 5G connection, you can easily upgrade each device, without needing to call an electrician.
  • LIFESTYLE CHANGE: your personalised scenes and experiences can be updated to suit you. For example, you can easily alter your “movie time” scene to turn off all the lights in your living room, instead of just dimming the lights.

4. PLUS, we’re all about the energy savings:

  • Activate scenes like “goodbye” to turn off the standby power in your home, thus saving you just that little bit of extra money on power, each time.

Quantify matches the interior design trends of 2020, no matter which way you look at it. We’re adaptable and will undoubtedly make a lasting impression in any home.


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