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How to save more than just power in the new year

11 Dec 2019

We’re closing in on the end of 2019 which means it’s time to start thinking about the new year.

We recently read an article on ABC News which got us thinking about some potential goals you may want to consider for 2020, such as reducing the electricity bill and being more energy efficient within your home.

The article on the ABC stated, “according to the Department of the Environment and Energy, appliances that aren’t switched off (so they’re in standby power mode) can account for about 3 per cent of your energy bill… [meaning] you could be paying more than $100 per year for unnecessary power.”

Simple things like turning off power points at the wall, still has the capacity to make a difference. If you’re keen to reduce your power bill costs long term, doing this isn’t a bad idea, but the time involved in doing this every time you leave the house, can get hefty.

This is where Quantify comes in.

Power bill & time savings:
With our solution installed, you can turn off your home’s standby power with the quick tap of a button or voice command (to the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa) as you leave the house.

Quantify has created scenes like “AWAY” or “GOODBYE”, which can be customised by the homeowner, to turn off lights and standby power. This also applies to arriving home – scenes like “HOME” can activate Quantify’s solution to turn on a few lights near the entryway and turn on your power points.

By having the standby power turned off when you’re not around could save a fair chunk on your energy bill, HOWEVER, you might be saying, “sure, we could save some money by using Quantify’s devices to quickly turn off the standby power, but what about the cost to install and ongoing costs of the solution… that might not outweigh the power savings.”

We acknowledge that there will be an expense associated with installing Quantify’s solution into your next home, project or renovation.

At Quantify, we pride ourselves in going beyond power savings and give homeowners an excellent user experience. We have a stylish, future-proof solution designed to make your living space better.

Easy future-proof upgrades and installation:
Unlike other smart home systems, you can easily upgrade Quantify’s solution over time, meaning you always have the most up-to-date technology at your fingertips, at a minimal cost. No need to rip and replace the entire system; easily upgrade from WiFi to 5G or change the colour of the Touch Panels to match your interiors. Whatever it may be, Quantify’s solution can adapt with you. With our solution, you only need standard wiring at installation, with each device takes 15 minutes to install, instead of an hour.

Great living experiences:
Then, think about the living experiences it can deliver – you can create ‘moods’ to match your lifestyle for reading, cooking, watching TV, gaming, having friends over… the list goes on.

Gets better with time:
One of our strategic priorities is to continue strengthening our platform and integrating with other companies. For example, we are currently exploring opportunities with multinational company, Honeywell and NSW embedded energy provider, Energy Trade. By expanding our platform, we’ll be able to offer homeowners an enhanced solution over time.

These are just some of the benefits Quantify’s solution can offer. When you add up the time, money and energy savings PLUS the excellent living experience you’ll get, our solution is worth it.

So, when it comes to goals in 2020, why not go beyond saving money on your power bill? With Quantify, you could do so much more.


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