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Open Homes Australia farmhouse preview

20 Jan 2020

On the latest episode of Open Homes Australia (9Life TV show), viewers were treated to a behind-the-scenes preview of Natalee Bowen’s farmhouse renovation, which features Quantify’s smart home products.

As an interior designer, Natalee shares her thoughts and insider tips into her renovation, which is located in the Western Australia country town of Toodyay.

You’ll be pleased to know this is only a sneak peek. The farmhouse will be properly shown in its entirety on the 9Life TV show, Ready Set Reno, which is set to air in March/ April this year. This will include a showcase of Quantify’s products, which we are very excited about.

For now, check out the sneak peek of the farmhouse on Open Homes Australia BELOW, or watch the full episode, featuring other homes and renovations, HERE (you will need a 9Now account to watch the full episode).

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