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Ready Set Reno official air date

4 Mar 2020
Coming soon on Ready Set Reno

It’s been a long time coming but season two of 9Life’s renovation program, Ready Set Reno, FINALLY has an official air date.

We are happy to announce episode one will go live on Saturday 18 April 2020.

Natalee Bowen’s Indah Island Hamptons farmhouse, which has Quantify’s qDevices installed, will be shown in episode six, which will air on Saturday 23 May.

The episode will take viewers through the magnificent countryside home, located in the West Australian town of Toodyay, around 90 kilometres north-east of Perth.

Quantify’s smart home solution will be shown off in all its glory - and we truly can’t wait!

Filming for Ready Set Reno: Natalee and Mark Bowen (left) with show hosts, Carlene and Michael Duffy

We’re also happy to announce that Quantify’s devices will also be installed in another home which will air in episode five (16 May)… The Block (Channel 9) landscaper, Dave Franklin’s home renovation in Melbourne, VIC.

Dave’s home, while not yet complete, will have Quantify’s devices installed in due time. Given the project hasn’t been completed, the Ready Set Reno episode will showcase the plans for the house and a sneak peak into what the home will look like, once done.

Dave’s finished home will eventually air on the next season of Open Homes Australia, with a predicted air date in November 2020.

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