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A Breakfast with Amazon Alexa lights up

4 Feb 2019

It was the event we had been waiting months for.

The highly-anticipated Breakfast with Amazon Alexa in Perth saw over 100 people walk through the doors to hear from Amazon Alexa Smart Properties’ Senior Business Development Manager Brendan Gotch and Quantify’s CEO Brett Savill.

Guests knew it wasn’t their average Monday morning when they were surprised with some classical music composed by Brendan himself as they entered the venue.

The presentation started with Brett introducing Quantify Technology before Brendan took to the stage to talk about everything Amazon Alexa.

He covered off what Alexa is and how she learns, in addition to the various features Alexa offers to customers. This included a discussion on the ‘hunches’ and ‘routines’ features of Alexa, specifically built for smart home customers.

The ‘hunches’ feature lets you know when something might be out of place with a smart home device. For example, if you always lock the door and turn off the lights at 11pm on weekday nights, and one night you only turn off the lights, Alexa may prompt you to lock the door as well.

Brendan also shared what we can expect from Alexa moving forward. Alexa is becoming smarter, more seamless and easier to use with a frustration-free setup, so a better experience is well and truly on the cards.

In the Q&A segment of the event, Brendan answered questions around privacy and data, the retirement living and autonomous vehicle industries, plus automation in other areas, such as recognising what food needs replenishing in the fridge, then adding it to the shopping list.

The networking continued post-presentations and just like that, the breakfast was over before we knew it.

Quantify feels very lucky to have had Brendan join us from Seattle before he heads to Sydney for A Tech Night with Amazon Alexa. The evening event will be hosted by Harvey Norman Commercial Division (HNCD) in conjunction with Quantify on 6 February.


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