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Austrade Landing Pad Program gets underway

19 Sep 2019

Two weeks into the Austrade Landing Pad Program and Quantify have hit the ground running, so it’s about time we provide a brief update on what our CTO, David Porter, has been up to.

BUT… Before we get into the nitty gritty, we suggest you read this article to get some context about what the Austrade Landing Pad Program is and what it means for Quantify.

With that background information in mind, we’ll get straight into it.

David is approaching the end of his third week in San Francisco and he’s had a countless number of meetings already.

Some discussion topics have included:

  • Risk management and legal implications of entering the US market.
  • US sales strategies.
  • Investment in the US and how that differs to Australia.

He was lucky enough to attend the Australian Founders Network, in addition to other meetups and events, to meet and mingle with people in an effort to make connections, develop relationships and increase awareness of the Company.

“It’s all about who knows who, when it comes to reaching the right people that can provide the best advice,” David says.

“The formal Landing Pad Program workshops have been very insightful so far and I’m looking forward to further exploring their connections and learning about the US market as time progresses.”

David has had some great introductions and discussions with people over the last two weeks and we think there’s plenty more where that came from.

We’ve also recently achieved Patent protection in the USA, which will help Quantify stand out from international competitors, when in conversation with potential distributors.

On another note, David has been loving San Francisco so far – the weather has been sunny and he’s been enjoying the activities San Fran has to offer.

We’ll provide more insight into the Program when possible.

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