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Master Builders Association gets engaged

23 May 2019

Quantify’s CEO and two special guests were the headliners at an event with the Master Buildings Association of NSW (MBA) on Wednesday night.

Brett Savill was joined by Rick Cubito from Quantify and Kris Leffler from Harvey Norman Commercial Division on the future of home automation.

To recap, the evening was highly interactive with MBA members digging deep into critical practical issues around the technology, covering topics such as;

  • How does automation add $50,000 to the value of a home?
  • How does it add 5% to rental yields? What is it not more widespread in Australia?
  • How does Quantify eliminate wiring and unnecessary installation costs?
  • How do home owners get comfortable with the security issues?
  • What does HNCD see in terms of the main smart home packages and what are developers paying to add value to their properties?

It is always great to have an engaged audience that can put its finger on the critical issues.

Many thanks to Doug Coombes and the MBA for an excellent evening in Sydney.

We look forward to other events to come.


Credit to the MBA NSW Chapter for the photo.

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