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Quantify expand into Queensland

23 Aug 2019

Quantify have officially put pen to paper with Queensland’s 8Digital for the distribution of our products throughout the state.

8Digital have a strong sales pipeline and predominantly focus on integrating technology into high-end residential properties.

The business is owned and operated by Karl Silverlock, an expert in the field, who has a good understanding of the product. He said his customers are very interested in Quantify’s solution and the benefits it offers to homeowners.

“Some clients are even having their new homes fitted without dimmers and multi-way switching in anticipation of fitting the qDimmer, before even seeing it,” Karl said.

“Technology has come a long way in the past five years and, as a result, we’ve seen a shift in the smart buildings industry. 8Digital is embracing this change. We share the same vision as Quantify Technology and are excited to be able to offer Quantify’s product range in Queensland.”

The addition of 8Digital to Quantify’s list of distributors means Quantify now cover New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.  Queensland boasts over 20 percent of Australia’s population and around the same percentage of the new build market - which makes it a promising market for Quantify to step into.

The Agreement is part of Quantify’s growth strategy, with the Company focused on signing up leading distributors across Australia.

Quantify’s CEO Brett Savill said it was a delight to have 8Digital on board as the first distributor in Queensland.

“This is part of our strategy to sign up leading distributors on a national basis. Further distribution arrangements in other states are expected to be announced shortly,” Brett said.


This was originally published as an ASX Announcement, which can be found HERE.

Image from Pixabay.

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