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Quantify launches world class power outlet

15 Feb 2018

As announced in yesterday’s release to the ASX, we are excited to unveil our new General Purpose Outlet (GPO or Power Outlet) and Glass Switch Fascia for our wall mounted lighting controller (Dimmer). Here are the highlights:

  • Quantify launches new General Purpose Outlet (GPO or Power Outlet) and Glass Switch Fascias
  • Improved design result of continuous improvement strategy and customer feedback
  • Simplifies manufacture process and reduces input costs
  • Features world class industrial design techniques and improvements to user experience
  • Delivered as part of the Company’s CY2018 go-to-market strategy

Given the scarcity of resources and increasing power costs, energy management has become a major concern for home and business owners. As a result, users need to be aware of how they are using power and they also need a way to manage and control it efficiently. Quantify solves that problem - but we go a lot further. We deliver a “home of the future” experience with a suite of products that are not only functional but also simple to use and beautifully designed.

“Quantify engineers are delivering more than just basic energy management tools,” Managing Director Mark Lapins said.

“The company is continuing to develop products that are not just functional but are also beautifully designed pieces. Feedback from initial showcasing of the products has been excellent.”

Taking feedback from our customers, partners and our own internal development review program we have redesigned this GPO and improved numerous key elements of the design – simplifying the manufacturing process, lowering the cost of manufacture and redesigning the look and feel of the devices to deliver world class looks, feel and function.

Meeting all Australian standards required, this device is simple to install in new buildings and retrofits and conforms to the Company’s Qumulus platform standards ensuring interoperability with existing Quantify Technology devices and services. The first units released will be 10AMP devices suitable for general use across all building environments within Australia. They will integrate with the wider Quantify Technology platform using standards based 802.11 wireless communications. The outlets offer a full range of energy management features, local touch control and integration with the company voice control service.

The engineering team is also due to release a new range of glass fascias for the Company’s existing qDimmer. The unique modular design of the Company’s hardware allows Quantify Technology to release updates, features and hardware components without a complete re-engineer of existing hardware. Having worked with our real-world customers using its existing switch fascias, the Company’s dedicated User Experience (UX) engineers and industrial designer set about delivering the best possible user experience based upon feedback from customers.

The result is a paradigm shift in the user experience for the humble light switch. Beautiful, functional, manageable and available CY2018, this switch offers significant user enhancements by including user haptic (vibration) feedback, informative switch fascias and a wider range of user features. Energy management and control is still the core functionality of the product with the focus of the redesign enhancing the usability and aesthetics of the device.

Development is also continuing on the voice integration, with engineers moving the solution to a production ready version in the coming months. The Company is confident that allowing customers to control and manage their home, building and energy management with conversational commands will deliver the greatest gains.


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