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Ready Set Reno farmhouse nears completion

22 Aug 2019

Quantify visited Indah Island’s West Australian countryside renovation in Toodyay this week and safe to say, the house is looking phenomenal.

It’s been over two months since our last visit to the home, so it was brilliant to see the progress that had been made since June.

The home, designed and owned by award-winning interior designer and Quantify’s ambassador, Natalee Bowen, will be featured on 9Life’s TV show, Ready Set Reno in November.

Quantify will be installing over 70 devices into the home to give Natalee and her family/ visitors a truly intelligent home living experience. The Quantify team is buzzing with excitement because our install date is just around the corner.

Check out the video below to see the latest update:


As shown in the video, all the internal walls are in place and windows are completely installed. The indoor panels are done and the external paint is *almost* done – Natalee picked a gorgeous shade of light blue for the external walls.

The internal paint is being done as we speak as well – when done, the white paint will give the inside a clean, neutral look and act as a blank canvas for the gorgeous furniture.

We were lucky enough to see the pool going in while we were there – its huge! Landscaping will start ramping up now that the pool ready.

When all the internal painting is done, Quantify will be able to install our qDimmer and qPower devices into the home – we’re predicting this will happen in the next couple of weeks!

Check out some of the before (June) and afters (August).

More photos available here.

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