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Simplifying the smart home solution for homeowners

12 Aug 2019

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Smart home automation has been around for around 20 years. In that time, the smart phone and smart car have gone mass market. So, after all these years, why isn’t smart home automation a standard inclusion in every home?

At Quantify, we recognise home automation has long been an expensive and somewhat confusing addition into homes and after a recent chat with our ambassador, Natalee Bowen, we discovered something else.

Natalee has her own interior design business and specialises in the Hamptons style. Having spent over 20 years in the design industry, it’s no surprise she knows the trends and what clients want.

“Along with it being expensive and confusing, some homeowners find home automation quite scary,” Natalee says.

“For a long time, I had considered home automation to be too overwhelming for me to recommend to clients. I’m not alone, there’s a lot of people out there that feel this way – they’d rather forego the automation to avoid the complexity. Quantify have something homeowners don’t need to be scared of.”

We’ve designed something with homeowners in mind – our solution simplifies the home automation experience for users, by making it easy to control, personalise and modify in the future. It’s secure and affordable too.


We offer three convenient methods of control – known as ‘touch, tap, talk’:

  • ‘Touch’ a device on the wall
  • ‘Tap’ the app – anywhere, anytime
  • ‘Talk’ to Amazon Alexa (and soon, Google Home)
The qDimmer device, qLiving app, Amazon Alexa Dot and qPower device.


Lights, blinds and other devices (connected to power) can be bunched into “groups” or “scenes”. These personalised living experiences are designed to seamlessly align with and enhance your lifestyle.

Things like:

  • Turning off all standby power when you leave home OR
  • Dimming all lights in the living room to 30 percent when it’s “movie time” OR
  • Playing romantic music, dimming lights and closing blinds in your bedroom when its “sexy time”.

…The options are limitless!


We know technology and your needs change over time – which is why we designed a future-proof solution to seamlessly adapt to suit your lifestyle. No specialist is needed to make changes, you can make updates yourself! Simply change the colour of Touch Panels with new interiors, swap the feature card* as technology is updated and more!

It’s all part of our mission to offer homeowners a simple home automation solution which truly makes your life easier at a price you can afford long term.

As Quantify’s CEO Brett Savill says “smart home automation has failed to reach a mass market, until now. Quantify aims to change that with a simple solution designed to suit everyone.”


*The feature card gives qDevices connectivity and can be removed, inserted or swapped over with another feature card quickly and easily, as updates occur.


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