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Smart speaker numbers skyrocket

20 Mar 2019

This is what happens in an internet minute.

Safe to say, there’s a lot going on, but at Quantify, we’re most interested in the number of smart speakers shipped.

In 2019, there are 180 smart speakers shipped every minute.

This equates to:
10,800 per hour
259,200 per day
1.8* million per week
7.9* million per month
94.3* million per year
*Full figures below

In contrast, 2018 saw 67 voice-first devices shipped every minute. That’s an astronomical 268% increase within a year… but at Quantify, we almost aren’t surprised!

It’s evident that “smart speakers are quickly building a strong foundation for the future” (World Economic Forum) with adoption of these devices being higher than ever. Voice assistants are going to become increasingly more useful as they begin to be able to control more things in your home – so we can expect the number of shipments per minute to catapult.

At Quantify, our technology is integrated with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to completely control your home with voice.

It will be very interesting to see what this looks like in 2020.



World Economic Forum

Infographic by Lori Lewis (Tw: @LoriLewis) and Chadd Callahan (Tw: @OfficiallyChadd)


*Full figures:

1,814,400 per week

7,862,400 per month

94,348,800 per year

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