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The trends, tales of Computex 2019

5 Jun 2019

Computex is over for 2019 and it was an adventure. The five-day trade show in Taipei, which finished on Saturday 1 June, saw over 42K visitors from 171 countries through its doors.

Quantify were there showcasing products alongside CASwell’s associate company, Advanio.

Bucking the trend

As mentioned in a previous news article, no other GPO’s or switches, aside from Quantify’s, were spotted across all four venues.

It’s easy to understand why.

While Computex looked at five themes – AI & IoT, 5G, Blockchain, Innovation & Startups and gaming & XR – the overarching focus was on computers, which makes an awful lot of sense, given its name.

Quantify didn’t fit into the standard Computex mould. Instead of demonstrating the latest computing tech like most other exhibitors, Quantify showcased IoT home automation tech.

Our experience

The team had the opportunity to speak to current customers of Advanio as well as some potential clients from Germany, Thailand, Sweden, Vietnam, China and Taiwan, among others.

Every person was an opportunity and it was excellent to gather an understanding of their technology requirements. One common talking point was the need for various language versions, which we will look to incorporate down the track.

Quantify qDimmer exploded black
The qDimmer has three components. The feature card (middle) inserts into the dimmer (right), while the Touch Panel (left) clips onto the front of the device.

The topic of 5G was also of interest. To deploy 5G networks, a significant amount of network infrastructure is required, which means it won’t become as ubiquitous as 4G any time soon. However, 5G will become abundant and when it does, what’s Quantify’s plan?

Take one of Quantify’s devices. Within the device, a feature card is inserted. The feature card is the component which enables the product to connect to Wi-Fi to communicate and function. Quantify’s products allow upgrades to take place over the cloud, so when 5G becomes universal, feature cards can be quickly replaced by homeowners to allow 5G connectivity.

Computex trends

AI and 5G were everywhere, marking the focus of innovative technologies around the world.

5G technology will offer increased speed, density and latency. In other words, more people will be able to use the network at the same time, without decreasing performance.

“The breakthroughs in 5G technologies will accelerate the development of applications integrating AI and IoT, and the massive amount of data it generates will carry promising business opportunities,” Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) President Walter Yeh said.

Our conclusion

5G’s faster cellular connection will translate to a more responsive connection to the cloud. This means the performance of our IoT and smart home devices will be improved with a 5G connection.

While Quantify didn’t blend in with the herd at Computex, we don’t believe that was a bad thing. We know we’re doing the right things by sticking with future trends; we’ve incorporated AI integration with Amazon Alexa and we’ve enabled our cloud platform to adapt effortlessly to future network connectivity in 5G and beyond.

As for our customers, we made some solid connections with people around the globe and who knows where they could lead us.

Check out the photos from Computex on the Quantify Technology Facebook page.

Thanks to Advanio for having us.

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