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Webinar: How innovation will boost your ROI

5 May 2020

Quantify’s CEO was a guest speaker on an innovation-focused webinar last week. Brett Savill joined four other guests on SmartCompany’s “COVID-19 - How innovation will boost your ROI” webinar on Thursday 7 May.

UPDATE: Watch the webinar, HERE.

More info:

As mentioned on SmartCompany’s website, “COVID-19 has brought about the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, with markets crashing and growth hitting reverse. Cash flow and sources of capital are under pressure like never before.”

Yet some businesses are reinventing themselves. By pivoting their operations they’re not only surviving — but actually thriving too. How are they managing to do this? At the heart of their adaptation and success is innovation.”

Watch it now to hear the panel discuss what innovation is, why it’s more important than ever and how you can still innovate when cash flow is under pressure.

SmartCompany startups and technology editor Stephanie Palmer-Derrien hosted the webinar and was joined by Quantify’s own Brett Savill, Radium Capital CEO Cameron Owens, NeedleCalm Founder Lauren Barber, Recce Pharmaceuticals Executive Director James Graham and Meerkats Chief Strategy Officer Melanie Wiese.

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