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Why buy Quantify? As told by Harvey Norman Commercial Division

5 Jul 2019

Guest blog post by HNCD Manager – Smart Home Automation Kris Leffler

Quantify pass all the tests in our smart technology quest …. But why buy Quantify?

I have been with Harvey Norman Commercial Smart Home Automation department for 17 years and in that time have had the privilege of working in some amazing homes and apartments. However, home technology has evolved slowly until recently when it has finally become accessible, smart, scalable and affordable.

In early 2017, our proprietor, Alan Stephenson, asked me to check out this amazing new modular-designed technology that was hub-less, wireless and designed with YOU in mind.

Fast forward to 2019. With the ability to control lights, GPO’s, motorised blinds, air conditioning as well as link to things like access control, underfloor heating, heated towel rails… the Quantify solution is limitless and we’re in love with it!


HNCD’s Kris Leffler

What we at HNCD like best about Quantify is the simplicity. It’s simple to use, install, upgrade and program! It’s ideal for new buildings and retrofit, whether it be apartments, homes, offices, hotels, aged care and specialist disability housing. All the amazing features achieved by just connecting to standard power cabling and WiFi connection.

This simplicity leads to a second differentiator, the modular design. If the WiFi format changes in the future you simply swap the WiFi feature card to a new faster, better feature card. Or change the touch panel without recourse to an electrician.

The simplicity continues to the cloud. In a large rollout, the integrator only needs to program each layout type once and then simply draws them down to repeat over and over, saving hours on reprogramming time and money.

When architects, developers and consultants visit our Sydney display suite in Rosebery, they love the sleek glass touch panel as well as the approach to task lights and mood living. By setting the favourite moods for morning, evening, relaxing and working, you can make sure you have exactly what you want every day, and save power in the process!

To top it all off is the ability to layer Touch, Tap, Talk; ‘touch’ the Quantify wall switches and GPOs, ‘tap’ your iPad or iPhone or ‘talk’ to Alexa verbally. If the client wants to add AV control, they can simply purchase a Harmony Hub and link it to their lighting scenes. If the client wants to add Sonos audio control, again, they add it to Alexa and you can turn off your TV, start playing music and dim your lights all with a simple voice or app command…. Again, the options are limitless.

We at Harvey Norman Commercial are very proud to be the exclusive stockists of Quantify Technology for Australia’s East Coast. We welcome all builders, developers, architects, electrical consultants and contractors to make an appointment at one of the most prestigious apartments in Sydney to see the latest technology for today’s modern smart living and working environments.

Smart technology has never been more and accessible, smarter, scalable, and affordable.

If your phone is smart, and your car is smart, why isn’t your home smart? Take your home to the next level with Quantify’s solution.


By Kris Leffler - HNCD

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