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Adding value with intuitive thinking

22 May 2019

At Quantify, we talk about smart speakers a lot. As an Internet of Things (IoT) home automation company, we recognise smart speakers to be an integral part of making the home automation experience the best it can be.

The reality is, smart speakers are still considered to be a toy. They’re a wickedly cool item to have in the house; they tell you the weather when you ask, read the news, allow you to play games or stream music.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are triggered to listen when you invoke them, meaning they only act on what they hear and are otherwise dormant. FACT.

This means they have little understanding of what people might be up to around their home. Amazon and Google are working towards recognising routines to remind you to do things and take their capabilities a stage further.

Combine it with Quantify’s IoT technology

If you aren’t familiar with IoT, in simple terms, it’s the embedment of internet connectivity into everyday objects and physical devices, which enables them to communicate and interact with others or send and receive data via the internet.

Quantify have built world-leading hardware that interacts seamlessly with major AI provider, Amazon (and soon, Google). Now, Amazon can use technology like ours to develop their capabilities of recognising patterns, allowing them to move from smart to intelligent in the future, which will go far beyond standard home automation.

Picture this.

You get home from work around the same time each weekday. You enter your home, closing the front door behind you. Usually, you’d lock the door, but one day, you forget. Quantify’s IoT home automation in combination with Amazon Alexa doesn’t let this slip by. Instead, it acts intuitively. Knowing your patterns, Alexa reminds you to lock the door, based on your typical activity.

How about in an aged-care or disability setting?

Take a client having a shower. This time, the water is left on for longer than normal. Is the client ok? Have they had a fall? Instead of relying on carers to check on the client when they’re available, instead, carers receive an app alert or Alexa lets them know the shower has been on longer than normal, prompting a response.

What about daily activities?

Alexa might say “I see you are trying to do your washing at peak time, would you like me to reset the washing machine for when it is cheaper?” or “the fridge is consuming more power than we would expect, you should look at getting it serviced.”

Safe to say, smart speakers will get a whole lot smarter with these functions and who knows what else will eventuate.

When they are are developed, Alexa’s intuitive nature will make it smart enough to recognise patterns in behaviour and ways to save you more time and money than before.

Quantify is ready for these capabilities. We have designed a system to add value to your life.  In the future, it’ll be even better.


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