Appointment of Resources Expert & Successful delivery of Q-Device to UWA

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Appointment of Peter Long

Business strategist and resources expert Peter Long has been appointed to the Advisory Board. 

Mr Long has decades of  expertise in the oil and gas, power, and mining industries, where he has focused on providing technological solutions to enhance productivity and growth across Australia’s resources sector. 

Currently, he’s the Strategic Business Development Manager for Intergraph Corporation, a leading global provider of design, measurement, and visualisation technologies. Mr Long’s involvement and extensive network will facilitate commercial partnerships between Quantify Technology and the oil and gas, power, and mining industries.

Delivery of the Q Device to the University of Western Australia

The Q Device was delivered to the University of Western Australia (UWA) for installation in the Medical and Dental Library. Commissioning and testing for the project will take place in the upcoming weeks.

This marks an exciting milestone for Quantify Technology’s platform as a solution across industries. This once again affirms Quantify Technology’s commitment to the strategic delivery of its platform through iconic commercial and enterprise projects.
University of Western Australia Medical Dental Library refurbishment

Update: Sydney luxury demonstration apartment 

The programming and testing of Quantify Technology’s Q Device in a luxury apartment on York Street in Sydney has been completed. The installation will give clients and stakeholders a hands-on opportunity to experience Quantify Technology’s innovative power management and customisable living space.

‘We’re excited to see our platform being used across a broad spectrum, from academic installations to niche industry applications. Demonstration facilities like the luxury apartment in Sydney allow us to showcase our Truly Intelligent Building Solution to potential clients across the globe,’ Quantify Technology’s Managing Director Mark Lapins stated. ‘Adding Peter Long to our advisory board opens up additional opportunities in the resources market, and we’re looking forward to working with Peter as we explore these lucrative opportunities.’

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