>$2m Potential Revenue From Q Device Installation At Wallaroo Shores Luxury Resort

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We are pleased to announce that Quantify Technology will supply its revolutionary Q Device to the multimillion dollar Wallaroo Shores Luxury Development in South Australia.

The Company will supply 2,000-2,500 devices for the 100 townhouses under construction for the Mantra Wallaroo Shores Resort, a $40 million, four-star development that will be managed by Mantra Group, a leading Australian accommodation hotel and resort marketer and operator.

This is the first stage of an estimated $220 million development by Copper Coast Investments at its Wallaroo Shores site, and Quantify Technology’s platform will be exclusively promoted and installed throughout the entire development: approximately 656 residential dwellings—including 134 retirement apartments—and a mixed use precinct. Early estimates suggest an additional 13,500 devices will be required generating revenue in excess of $2 million over the life of the development. The Copper Coast District Council has partnered with Copper Coast Investments and Monopoly Property Group as Project Manager to construct a link road, estimated to cost $7 million.

Figure 1 – Master Plan of Mantra Wallaroo Shores Resort

The next stages of development at the site are anticipated to commence over the coming 12 months – 36 months. Installation of the technology at the Mantra Wallaroo Shores Resort is planned to commence in early 2018.

Figure 2 – Future Development Plan at Wallaroo Shores

The move will showcase Quantify Technology in the growing Hospitality Industry and provide demonstrated outcomes for the Q device in such operations.

“The Mantra Wallaroo Shores development offers a glimpse of what’s to come for Quantify Technology. An opportunity like this showcases the flexibility and capability of our platform when it’s deployed on a large scale, as well as the significant revenue potential from a single project,” said Mark Lapins, Quantify Technology Managing Director.

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Q Device at Wallaroo Shores

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