Quantify Technology | Truly Intelligent Buildings

Quantify Launches World Class Power Outlet

As announced in yesterday's release to the ASX, we are excited to unveil our new General Purpose Outlet (GPO or Power Outlet) and Glass Switch Fascia for our wall mounted lighting controller...

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Quantify Technology | Amazon Alexa | Harvey Norman

Quantify Reveals the Future of Intelligent Homes - Amazon Alexa Integration

In arguably our most exciting ASX announcement to date, Quantify Technology revealed the future of intelligent buildings with the integration of Amazon Alexa voice service, for use with any Amazon...

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Quantify Technology | Truly Intelligent Buildings | Q Device

Mission: Possible—a first look at Q Device in action

The much-anticipated installation of Quantify Technology's Q Device, in a luxury Sydney CBD apartment, is now complete!

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Quantify Technology | IoT | ASX | Q Device

>$2m Potential Revenue From Q Device Installation At Wallaroo Shores Luxury Resort

We are pleased to announce that Quantify Technology will supply its revolutionary Q Device to the multimillion dollar Wallaroo Shores Luxury Development in South Australia.

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Quantify Technology | IoT | Q Device

Appointment of Resources Expert & Successful delivery of Q-Device to UWA

Appointment of Peter Long

Business strategist and resources expert Peter Long has been appointed to the Advisory Board. 

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Quantify Technology | IoT | ASX | Truly Intelligent Buildings | Q Device | Fabric Extension

Next-generation Q Device expands potential market. More Australian projects secured

Production Development Phase of Fabric Extension Fascia

In mid- Q2 the Company demonstrated its Fabric Extension fascia proof of concept to several leading technology companies in the US. The...

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Quantify Technology | IoT | Intelligent Buildings | Truly Intelligent Buildings

To implement IoT successfully, avoid these 6 mistakes. (Don't start before you've done No.1)


Thousands of companies are rushing to market with millions of IoT devices and solutions. There are many pitfalls that lie in the way however, to trip up the unprepared and prevent...

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Quantify Technology | Peter Osmond

Peter Osmond joins as advisor to accelerate entry into US market

We are excited to announce the appointment of Peter Osmond as a strategic advisor to accelerate our expansion into the US market.

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Quantify Technology | IoT | Mark Lapins | Q Device | Alan Boyd | Smart City

Microsoft Veteran and SmartCity Pioneer to Trailblaze Quantify Technology's Entry Into China

Quantify has today announced a key target in the Company's global expansion plans as the Chinese Government’s 300 Smart City program. This will give Quantify a key foothold in one of the world's...

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Quantify Technology | IoT | Q Device


We are pleased to announce that the the interest received following the launch of the prospectus has far exceeded expectations. The $5m capital raising is now closed, having been significantly...

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