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CES 2019: how it happened on day three

10 Jan 2019

After a brief stop at the plethora of massage chairs (one even produced by Lamborghini) on day three of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we moved revitalised on to visit some of the products we had not seen. Somehow the idea of a smart door knocker was a little passé.

One of the really interesting companies that got a lot of publicity was Electronic Caregiver. They have an avatar, Addison, that helps those who are either too old or sick to look after themselves. Personal care is very expensive so having an avatar that can ensure you take your medicine, answer health questions or similar, represents an important step forward.

How interesting would it be if the avatar could control the power to the home to switch off the oven or shower or turn up the lights? An opportunity for Quantify? Watch this space.

Another product that caught our eye was a handbag that came complete with a flexible screen. This product was developed by Royole, who have developed a series of products, such as the handbag, which feature a flexible Full-HD display that shows vivid and bright colours. Royole expects the flexible AMOLED technology used in their products will dominate the next generation of monitors. Check out the video below… how nifty is that?

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