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CES 2019: how it happened on day two

9 Jan 2019

Day two of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the focus was on artificial intelligence. From AI mice for your cat to chase, to a kitty litter tray that messages you, it seems everything is becoming smart.

But what makes something intelligent? According to many at CES 2019, this is the introduction of more advanced technologies such as AI. In particular it is the ability to:

Work with small data not just big data - using minimal information to build a suggestion that helps you, without having to wait for weeks for the information to give you an answer.

Have processing capacity at the edge - you don’t need to use the cloud to do everything.

Interoperate between differing systems - no one wants a bunch of disconnected widgets.

We were aware of these trends but nevertheless, it was music to our ears, because that’s what we’ve designed. It’s great to know we’re creating an intelligent solution that the tech world is craving. In addition, from what we’ve seen, our qDevices look great compared to what else is hitting market.

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