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Have confidence: smart home influence in property downturn

12 Jul 2019

Australia is going through a property downturn. In fact, it’s one of the longest and deepest property downturns we’ve seen. However, despite this, new data has found property industry confidence has jumped following the recent federal election in a positive sign for the Australian economy.

The ANZ/Property Council Survey – which measures industry sentiment – found the national confidence index rose by 13 index points on last quarter, to hit 128 points, reversing a year-long downward trend. While confidence is highest in South Australia, WA is behind in second, followed by Victoria and NSW.

The data comes as RP Data Core Logic revealed the combined capital city market values are down by over 10% from their 2014 peak, with Perth’s property values slipping by almost 20%.

Core Logic July 2019

So, with all this newfound confidence in the property market, will prices go up?

While confidence plays a role in property purchases, there are still a number of economic factors that remain challenging in order for the market to turnaround.

With homeowners and developers fighting to get the best price possible in today’s current market slump, how do you make your property stand out from the crowd in this market?

Smart home automation.

Currently sitting at 24.2% (2019), smart homes are expected to penetrate almost 42% of homes by 2023 in Australia, due to demand (Statista).

They’re in demand around the world. In the US, more than 80% of people opt for homes equipped with smart technology over comparable a home that is not.

According to technology research company Telsyte, people have become more willing to pay more for a smart home.

“Over the last few years, lifestyle benefits and automation have grown in importance,” Telsyte’s Managing Director Foad Fadaghi said.

Quantify believes we’ve got the solution to differentiate homes and apartments to boost property values.

We’ve got a solution which enables homeowners to gain the benefits of home automation at a fraction of the cost of competing products. These benefits include the ability to layer “Touch, Tap and Talk”, that is ‘Touch’ the Quantify devices (switches and GPO’s) which respond like a normal switch, ‘Tap’ control with an app, and ‘Talk’ to Amazon Alexa, to control Quantify’s devices through voice command.

Better yet, our solution can be installed into new developments or retrofitted to suit all homeowners, plus its future-proof, so as things change, we’ll adapt with it, quickly and easily.

We’ve designed our solution to suit any homeowners’ lifestyle – whether its you or the people who purchase your house when you sell.

We have distributors* across the country selling into the market and we’re excited to appear on 9Life’s ‘Ready Set Reno’ television program in November. This will feature our solution in a large home renovation in WA’s countryside, alongside our ambassador Natalee Bowen from interior design business, Indah Island.

Today, smart home solutions provide a differentiator to boost property values. In the future, it’ll be a standard inclusion – so, why not get ahead of the market now?

*Distributors available here.

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