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Introducing the Zimi way of life

19 Oct 2020

Quantify recently announced that it will be acquiring Zimi, to create Australia’s leading electrical Internet of Things (IoT) provider.

What is Zimi actually?

Built by Australians, for Australians, Zimi is a powerful ecosystem that works with the Powermesh family of connected products to enable complete control of everything in your home.

The devices can be simply installed by any electrician and have the capacity to control lights, blinds, fans, appliances, garage doors and more, for not only new, but also existing homes.

Since its birth three years ago, Zimi continues to rapidly evolve with new features and functionality, providing simple and affordable technology for everyone.

The best part is, in addition to control at the switch or with the Zimi app, it also works with the Google Assistant for hands-free voice control of everything in your home. Having the convenience of all three methods of control compliments every homeowner’s lifestyle, with the flexibility of what you like, how you like, when you like.

Plus, the solution is completely scalable, so you can start with just a few devices and continue to add more for a complete home solution, which accommodates everyone’s budget.

The convenience of control is now an affordable luxury for everyone, including you. To learn how Zimi can change your life, visit

30 Oct 2020: the Notice of Meeting and Independent Expert’s Report has been released. Read more HERE.


Note: this is the first article of many about Zimi and you’ll see quickly why Quantify have chosen to acquire them.

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