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Powermesh products make any home smarter

16 Nov 2020

Smart home products seem to be everywhere these days, but many systems are so complex, you need to be a wizard to understand them.

Enter Zimi and Powermesh, who have taken the complexity out of connectivity in the home, making technology simple to use for everyday living.

Their Powermesh family of ‘smart products’ offer the familiarity of traditional devices, plus app and voice control, so everyone can be comfortable with the convenience of smart home control.

The entire range is full of powerful features, including:

  • Auto off Timers:  allow you to set a time to turn it off later, making simple things unforgettable.
  • Schedules: turn your devices on or off any day or time. Automate for convenience, security and energy savings.
  • Energy use: Instantly see the real cost in dollars and cents of each and every device.
  • Touch, tap, talk: control your home at the switch, with the Zimi app or with your voice, using the Google Assistant.
  • Remote access: access all your devices anywhere and anytime on your smart device.
  • Lifestyle: pre-made features designed around your lifestyle can be activated with a single command.

So, what are these products?

  • The Dimmable Light Switch: Smooth dimming for your lighting with many features activated by a simple touch. Find out more about the Dimmable Light Switch HERE
  • The Double Power Point: easily control and monitor the use of your appliances with inbuilt automatic scheduling and power lock. DISCOVER MORE about Powermesh’s Double Power Point
  • 1, 2, 3 & 4 Button Multi-Purpose Switches: Control more than just lighting with a multi-talented switch that works for everything else in the home. Learn more about Multi-Purpose Switches HERE
  • The Fan & Light Controller: Multi speed fan controller and light switch with touch control. Speed Sense technology for the perfect nights sleep. Get the Fan & Light Controller HERE
  • Garage Door Controller and Sensor: Do more with your garage door. Simple control that extends use and convenience to anywhere and anytime. Available from Steel-Line, one of Australia’s leading Garage Door companies, you can control your garage door like never before. Check it out HERE.
  • Zimi Cloud Connect: This little device supercharges your Powermesh network. It lets you manage your home from anywhere in the world, enables voice commands and monitors your power use to recommend potential savings.  Discover more NOW.

How do their devices connect to each other?

The Powermesh products are built on the reliability and security of Bluetooth mesh technology. Each device plays a role, to create a strong, stable network in the home.

The Powermesh family of ’smart products’ are perfect for a retrofit or new build, with devices able to be installed by any electrician.

Powermesh is a scalable solution, so as your needs grows, you can easily add more devices, and with the free Zimi app you always have control at your fingertips.

It’s really that simple.

Visit to learn more about the Powermesh family of connected products.

What’s happening to Quantify’s existing product range?

While Quantify’s existing qDevices will be phased out, we are working on something pretty special, which will see Quantify-inspired devices join the Powermesh family of connected devices very soon.


Note: this is part of a series of articles about Zimi and we don’t doubt you’ll quickly see why Quantify have chosen to acquire them. 

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