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New disability, aged care brochure lands

18 Aug 2020
Quantify's sun and moon-symbolled, NDIS-compliant qDimmer

Quantify has recently released its latest brochure, this time focused on the NDIS/ disability and aged care industries.

Quantify Technology Aged Care NDIS Brochure


We pride ourselves on providing a smart home solution that meets the needs and improves the health, wellbeing, and daily life activities of every disabled or aged care resident.

Our solution is simple to control and easy to understand, with three methods of control, via touch, app or voice. This enables clients to touch less and do more in one go, therefore, allowing a greater sense of independence, safety and accessibility with everyday tasks.

Quantify’s qDimmers feature large, accessible LED touch areas that comply with NDIS SDA standards, and are available in two Touch Panel artwork styles, such as; Pinstripe or Modernist iconography, with easily understood sun and moon-symbolled buttons.

DID YOU KNOW… Quantify has five brochures available to cater for various audiences and their differing needs and requirements, including:

Quantify's NDIS compliant, pinstripe qDimmer
Quantify’s NDIS-compliant, Pinstripe qDimmer. Pictured at header of page is Quantify’s NDIS-compliant, Modernist iconography qDimmer, with sun and moon-symbolled buttons.
  • NDIS/ aged care organisations;
  • Developers and builders;
  • Interior designers and architects;
  • Homeowners and end users, and;
  • Electricians and installers

There are several available for download via the Home Page of our website, however, if you can’t find the brochure you’re after, get in touch via and we can send our most up-to-date brochure directly to you.

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