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Quantify calls in to CASwell

28 Aug 2019

Quantify recently took a trip up to Taiwan to visit our manufacturer, CASwell and we’re glad to say it was a successful and productive trip!

So, why did we go?

Like every partnership and agreement, it is absolutely essential, for both Quantify and CASwell, to be on the same page as each other. This is key in ensuring any misunderstandings and errors are “ironed out” of the production process and other associated procedures.

Quantify’s CEO, Brett Savill and Quantify’s Hardware & Production Team Lead, Jenny Collier

Three Quantify staff members – our CEO, Industrial Designer and Hardware & Production Team Lead – had a multitude of meetings with various CASwell staff to discuss and demonstrate the latest production processes, testing and equipment for Quantify’s qDevices.

Some of these meetings involved presentations and others had CASwell staff assembling and testing products using certain software and applications. Quantify also had the opportunity to tour CASwell’s facilities and check out their machinery and operations behind the scenes.

Quantify’s Hardware & Production Team Lead, Jenny Collier, said the visit was very worthwhile.

“We found CASwell to be very attentive and engaged throughout our entire visit. Everything is on track and the quality of the components being produced was very good,” Jenny said.

What’s to come?

CASwell has a few larger product builds coming up before the new year so we’re looking forward to sharing more updates about this when we can.

More information about CASwell:

A key part of our commercialisation strategy is to have a manufacturing partner that can scale as demand for our products grows globally.

As announced in May, leading Taiwanese manufacturer, CASwell, has been appointed to manufacture Quantify’s products for the Australian and international markets.

CASwell is a Taiwanese Stock Exchange listed company with $200 million turnover. They are a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group which has a market capitalisation of US$20 billion.

Check out the last CASwell blog from 2 May HERE.

Photos from our visit:

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