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Quantify CEO talks tech

23 Jan 2019

“Within 5-10 years, you won’t be selling an apartment without home automation.”

Technology has a firm grip on our future no matter which way we look at it and Quantify Techology’s CEO Brett Savill put it in plain and simple terms for an audience at a TED-style talk in Sydney a few weeks ago.

The Emerging Technologies in Construction event on 13 December featured five guest speakers from various tech companies, with presenters specialising in areas such as the internet of things, telecoms, artificial intelligence and software in construction.

Brett discussed everything from the need for home automation to the benefits of Quantify’s system and how it works. He also discussed the partnership with Harvey Norman Commercial Division (HNCD).

The event was hosted by MyNetFone (MNF) and sponsored by the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) who recently entered a partnership together in October last year. With ACIF representing a major influence in the construction industry, MNF were prompted to begin hosting a series of tech talks, such as this one, to highlight the growing role technology has in the future of construction. The partnership will allow ACIF and their members to be at the forefront of innovation adoption.

ACIF members, who are the most significant Associations in the construction industry, were the principle attendees to the event.

Listen to Brett’s talk below (Brett begins following the introduction at 2.01)

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