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Shaping the property industry

22 Mar 2019

Around five percent of Australian households have home automation.

That’s a statistic Quantify’s CEO Brett Savill brought up at a Tech Talk in Melbourne last week, which ignited an interesting discussion.

The Emerging Technologies in Property event, hosted by MyNetFone (MNF) in conjunction with the Australian Property Institute (API), featured Brett alongside other business and technology leaders, such as David Sheldon of, Brett Chilton of Skand and Adam Schultz of Buddy Platform.

The Tech Talk explored the new technologies that will shape the future of the property industry.

Brett followed up his initial statistic by revealing home automation could add five percent to property yields on rental properties and up to US$50,000 on property values in the United States.

As mentioned on Integrated Technologies Australia, “home automation can deliver that ‘wow factor’ to potential buyers. It can create a point of difference, which makes your property stand out from the crowd… It can help drive sales by adding value and making properties more appealing to buyers.”

It begs the question: why don’t more Australian homes have home automation if its going to add value?

Brett discussed how many home automation systems in the market today aren’t simple for electricians to install or commission, nor are they cheap. They’re confusing and often seem like too much hard work. They don’t offer home owners the flexibility to make changes to the system, where changing the fascia or adjusting a function isn’t possible without calling an expert to do it for you.

“Mass-market adoption of home automation will only happen when vendors make solutions that are simple, innovative and limitless,” Brett said.

Cue Quantify.

Brett made it clear. Quantify’s system is simple to install – using standard AC wiring and nothing additional, it saves electricians time and effort, with no pucks or gateways. Using a commissioning app, electricians can easily roll-out templated designs to a home.

The innovative and modular design means changes can be made by an end user without needing to call an expert. This puts home owners in control, allowing them freedom to make changes as and when they need, to suit their lifestyle. Its cloud configuration means the system is scalable from one home to millions.

Designed to be future-proof and grow with time, modifications can be made easily as technology evolves, there’s no limit to what it can do. Plus, it can be controlled via voice, app or touch, it looks good and doesn’t cost the world.

Brett wrapped up by adding that Quantify’s technology will shape the future of the property industry, while addressing the needs and desires of developers, electricians, designers, end users and beyond.

The team at Quantify have an exciting few months ahead and we are looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

Video of Brett’s TechTalk below:


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