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Quantify expands product line with qBlind

15 Jan 2020
qBlind Black

qBlind Modernist Black

Quantify Technology’s blind controller hardware has passed global safety certification testing which is a critical step towards global product sales. It is Quantify’s third device to receive global CB Scheme Certification, alongside the dimmer and GPO hardware.

The newly certified qBlind is a Wi-Fi enabled blind controller that works with standard AC cabling techniques and can control two-pole, mains powered blind motors. All electrical, policy and advanced living experience settings are fully configurable using the Quantify software.

Its modular design is in line with our qDimmer and uses the same Wi-Fi Feature Card and the Quantify Smart Touch Panels are fully compatible. The qBlind integrates seamlessly with the Quantify Living Experiences, for example, window shading, such as motorised blinds or curtains can be included in convenient Good Night scenes that can be triggered by voice, touch or app.

This was originally published as an ASX Announcement, which can be found HERE, or read the coverage on The Market Herald.

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