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The spark electricians have been searching for

9 Sep 2019

At Quantify, we acknowledge that an electrician has a fair amount of input into the decisions made by builders, homeowners and designers – if they don’t like a product or system, they’re not going to recommend it.

Given this, we know how important it is to have a home automation system that meets their needs (and wants), so that’s why we’ve designed a solution with their requirements in mind.

  • Easy install – qDevices use standard cabling and wall boxes, which means installation takes around 15 minutes per device instead of an hour for comparable alternatives.
  • Affordable – standard wiring (with no hub or gateway) means less money spent on extra wires, plus it’s designed to be future-proof, meaning any changes in the future can be made easily, without removing the entire system.
  • Works in any building – new build or retrofit.
  • Limitless scalability – the Quantify Cloud enables plans and designs to be templated, then duplicated, if there is more than one home or apartment with the same or similar floor plan.
  • Simple commissioning – our free and easy-to-use qCommission app has been specifically designed for a seamless commissioning process.

Despite coming from an interior design background, Quantify’s ambassador, Natalee Bowen, appreciates the benefits it offers electricians.

“Part of the reason why we chose Quantify for our Hamptons farmhouse build, was because it was going to be easy and quick for our electricians to install,” Natalee said.

“I also appreciate that we haven’t needed to factor in where to hide a hub or extra wires, which is particularly important from an interior design perspective.”

“A house of this size would usually take several years to build, but we’re doing it in seven months. We needed a smart home solution that wasn’t going to chew up our valuable time and money. Quantify is a quick install solution that will deliver a brilliant living experience for us as homeowners, long term,” Natalee said.

Quantify’s CEO Brett Savill agrees.

“It’s everything an electrician could want out of a home automation system,” Brett said.

… I guess you can say our solution might be the “spark” an electrician has been searching for.

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