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First look: Feature Card assembly

22 Feb 2019

Quantify Technology are pleased to give you a first look at the assembly of the Feature Cards.

To start, our electrical engineers design the circuit boards (PCBA), the software team program the firmware and the industrial designers design the mechanicals in consultation with UX/UI.

The video below showcases the production process and the above roles involved to bring it all together.

Initially, we take the PCBA, this is plugged into a programming tool and loaded with firmware and manufacturing data, using Quantify-designed software.

Once this is complete, the PCBA is assembled into the housing which is designed by our industrial designers. These products are then labelled ready for shipping.

The Feature Card slots into the qDimmer to give it connectivity

The Feature Cards are designed to be used with our qDimmers and enable our devices to have network connectivity. This can be utilised in a local network at home or connection to the Quantify Qumulus qCloud.

WATCH the assembly of the Feature Cards:

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