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Is the Amazon home robot coming?

19 Jul 2019

Last year, Amazon made the headlines with reported news that they were working on a home robot.

While nothing is confirmed, a recent update has stated they are still working on their prototype – which is said to be about waist-high and can roam around your home using cameras as a “mobile Alexa”. It’s assumed the robot will be integrated with Alexa for voice control, allowing it to align with Amazon’s Echo speakers and other Alexa-enabled products.

Bloomberg reported the robot, code-named “Vesta”, isn’t ready to be mass produced but the prospect of having a robot roam your home autonomously has certainly sparked interest.

It got us thinking – we wonder what this robot will look like and what it will be capable of doing? In recent years, we’ve seen other home robots hit the market and flop, so will Amazon’s robot be different? Amazon certainly has a leg up on competitors given its brand name.

It’s hard to know what Amazon has planned but it’s almost guaranteed it won’t be able to perform standard household chores, like ironing or cleaning.

While that would be a nice feature, we think Amazon’s home robot could prove quite helpful in other areas. If it’s able to understand your home, it could make smart homes more intuitive. Whatever is planned for this robot, you can be sure Quantify will be able to operate with it. We’re looking forward to finding out more!

Amazon typically holds big product reveal events at its Seattle headquarters in September so if this is robot is going to hit the market this year, we’ll most likely have to hold on until September to find out.

Header image:
The Verge


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