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Meet the qDimmer Touch Panel

30 May 2019

Quantify Technology are pleased to give you the first look at the prototyping and testing phase of the qDimmer Touch Panel. The Touch Panel is the third and final product in our qDimmer series.

The video below showcases the simulated production process and the people involved to bring this product together. This process helps to identify the steps required to assemble our products, which is then emulated on a large scale by our manufacturer, CASwell.

The qDimmer Touch Panel is the physical interface between people and the home living experience. The Touch Panel is installed onto the dimmer frame which is the second element in the qDimmer product. When a qDimmer device is fully assembled (Feature Card inserted into the dimmer with Touch Panel attached), it has the ability to control various aspects of the home, such as lighting, via touch.

About the videos:

These videos are designed to showcase Quantify’s simulated small-scale production line. This process exists to allow our engineers to identify the correct processes and test points for each product for mass production.

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